The Cordialle Hotel is always ready to receive guests with a lot of charm. Like old hostels here the warmth and well being are always reasons of our attention.


Room with all Cordialle Comfort   with :box bed, Shower , basic toiletries , air conditioning , mini bar and cable TV.


Room With all Cordialle Comfort  With :box bed , shower , basic toiletries, air conditioning ,  mini bar, cable TV , wireless Internet , balcony and good night chocolates.

Super Luxo

Room With all Cordialle Comfort  With: box bed , shower , whirlpool , bathrobe differentiated  toiletries , hairdryer ,split air conditioning , mini bar , TV 32” ,cable TV , wireless Internet and good night chocolate.


Master Cordialle

Room with all Cordialle comfort  with : box bed , electric fireplace, shower , whirlpool, bathrobe, differentiated  toiletries ,  hair dryer , split air conditioning , mini bar, tv32” , wireless Internet and good night chocolate.



All Cordialle suits can be prepared especially for this occasion. Please contact us for options for this special date.


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