The Cordialle Hotel is always ready to receive guest with a lot charm. Like old hostels here the warmth and well being are always reasons of our attention.

Be Cordialle

is be aware of all the details for the implementation and success of your event



The Cordialle Believe that after a full activities day nothing is better that a good bath and a comfortable bed to rest or the nap in the middle of the day. So the hotel rooms are planned with box  beds, showers air conditioning ,television Internet everything to take the most of these moments

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Corporate Event

The Cordialle Hotel is a great option for achievement corporate event , be it small or large offers a complete convention space and support  services to the organization combining infrastructure and  comfort.

Be Cordialle is to pay attention to all details for conducting and success of your event.

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Social Events

The Cordialle Hotel is prepared to answer the  most diverse social events , in the adequacy of spaces lighting and room decoration , in the menu selection and of course at the guest reception

Please contact the events team and  ask for  a quote or if you prefer, make an appointment the Cordialle team will be happy to receive you.


See what Cordialle Hotel Can Offer

About the Hotel

The Cordialle Hotel is a contemporary   version of the old hostels ,a place where the tradition  of hospitality are preserved with a lot of personality and are revealed in the way of acting and receive the guests.


Rua Sotero de Souza 500 - Centro  - São Roque - SP   18130-200             Phone: +55 11 4784-9500

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